About Us

 Company Overview


We have put together a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive and wide ranging experience in forensic accounting, forensic investigation and digital forensic assignments. Our resources are aligned to deliver a product that is of the highest value to our clients. We believe a multidisciplinary approach is vital to our success and therefore our management team is supported among others by highly experienced:

  • chartered accountants
  • certified fraud examiners
  • forensic investigators
  • forensic accountants and auditors
  • former state prosecutors
  • digital forensic experts.



Our senior team

Frik van Eeden
Chris Schulz
Pieter van Hansen
Thiru Mudaly

Managing Director

Associate Director

Senior Manager

Specialist – Chartered Accountant

Frik is a action-orientated forensic specialist, who leads and motivates his team through his enthusiasm and example. Over a 28-year career he has honed his forensic investigative, fraud prevention and detection skills to such an extent that he is regularly invited to facilitate workshops, present papers at conferences and lecture part-time on these topics at the University of Pretoria.

Chris has 25 years of experience in forensic investigations. He has an exceptional ability to investigate financial crimes. He has successfully investigated high level fraud cases. His detailed preparation has been regarded by prosecutors as one of the main reasons for successful prosecutions. He has been praised by High Court judges for the meticulous and calm way in which he testifies.

Pieter has 30 years of law enforcement and forensic investigative experience, which includes criminal investigation, and crime intelligence. His forensic investigative experience in the private sector includes tenures in the areas of the mining, public and corporate sectors. Pieter is a full member of the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners. (ICFP)

Thiru qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2003, having served his traineeship with Deloitte and Touché in Johannesburg. In 2010, he joined Phandahanu as a director where he is responsible for forensic investigations and the risk management section. He is currently a specialist advisor and shareholder. Thiru has 20 years of South African public sector experience and has been an Audit Committee member of several audit committees